STEM - Middle School STEM


7th Grade Engineering Design Process

The focus of this 2-hour per day, semester course is hands-on, authentic, creativity and learning using a Engineering Design Process model. This is the overarching model which will guide all of our learning. It will be modified for each task or problem, as necessary. Student input will always be incorporated into modifications.

This is an iterative process, which means it repeats. Through repetition, students will soon begin to incorporate this type of model into other aspects of their learning. This model also emphasizes that if the process is followed, it will always lead to a solution. We will look at outcomes and improvements, not successes and failures. This will promote healthy, fun learning and remove the stigma of failure.

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8th Grade Environmental Science


The 8th grade STEM program will meet for 1 semester, 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. Our focus will be on the integration of the five content areas of STEM: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, (and the arts).. Throughout all of our lessons, the students will be actively researching, questioning, and making connections about content and these subjects. We will have two overarching content focuses in the 8th grade STEM class. The first will be on the ocean and the second  will be on space. Students in the 8th Grade STEM program will also complete a semester of 8th grade science, also taught by Mrs. Burns. Although we will only have 40 minutes per day the second semester, we will continue to integrate the STEM subjects, but focus predominantly on science. Throughout the course this year, we will also be working on science fair projects, as well as a NASA Engineering Design challenge.

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