2017-2018 Welcome Back Message

It is always an exciting time for us to welcome students and staff back to school in August each year.  This year is no different!

I always like to focus on a theme or identify several targets upon which we can improve so we may better meet the needs of our students and their families.  The list below represents some of our main areas of focus for 2017-2018:

1.  Respect 2.0 - Last year we initiated a "Respect" campaign urging students and staff to "respect yourself, others, and your school."  Respect never goes out of style so we are continuing to emphasize "respect" again this year, thus our version 2.0.  

2.  Equity - Often schools unknowingly marginalize students with practices and systems in place within the larger system.  This year we will focus on having a better understanding of our system and how we can avoid practices which may perpetuate inequities.  The big idea with equity is to give ALL students what they need in order to learn and be successful regardless of their gender, race, economic status, disability or other factors.

3.  STEM - STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and in 17-18 we are focused upon providing better instruction in each of these areas and increasing student engagement in their learning with hands-on, project-based learning.  We are developing a long-term plan to improve STEM education not only for Chillicothe kids, but kids throughout the Ross County area by providing resources and innovative ideas to improve our system.

4.  Improved Instructional Strategies - Our classrooms are busy places, but "busy-ness" does not always result in better learning.  In this year we will focus on improving our pedagogy in an attempt to help students learn better so that they may be productive citizens in the future and be prepared for college, a career, the military, or other forms of advanced training.

We will continue to focus on ways to ensure that our schools are family friendly, safe, and that ALL students are well cared for while they are attending our schools.  If ever I can be of assistance feel free to call me at 740-775-4250.



The Chillicothe City School District empowers students to learn, to lead, and to serve.

Go Cavs!

Mr. Jon C. Saxton, Superintendent








Jon C. Saxton 

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Superintendent Secretary



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