Cavalier Safety


School Safety Items:
The school district has two, full time resource officers, that are Chillicothe City Police Officers that work in all of our buildings to assist in safety throughout the district.

  • A Student Safety Council has been developed to provide an opportunity for students to provide feedback to the school administration in regard to school safety.

  • The school administration has worked with local law enforcement and other first responders to develop comprehensive emergency plans for each of our buildings.

  • The district uses Navigate Prepared as the platform to house all district emergency plans, contact information, procedures, student information and other necessities in the event of an emergency.  All district employees will have access to all of this information through the App on their smartphones.

  • The district has partnered with The ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) Training Institute.  Employees in the district will go through eLearning to train on how to react in the event of an intruder, all buildings will conduct active shooter trainings and all plans will be evaluated by the ALICE Institute.  At the conclusion of the process our district will become an ALICE Certified District.

  • Our new buildings have state of the art camera systems and our current buildings are in the process of upgrading all camera systems.

  • Our new Primary and Intermediate Buildings have new key card entry system.  The high school and middle school will have new systems installed for the 2019-2020 school year.  This will assist in limiting entry into the building without clearance from the office.

  • Each building in the Chillicothe School District is assigned a local law enforcement officer from the Chillicothe City Police Department.  Daily, these officers do a walk through in the morning and in the afternoon to ensure the safety of students and staff. 

  • The district recently purchased handheld MARCS Radios for all administrators and building secretaries to communicate with all district personnel and which allow immediate access in the event of an emergency.

  • The school district has a Safe School Helpline that provides an opportunity for students and parents to communicate any safety issues, anonymously, to district administration.  This would include any type of bullying, threats or other issues that would create any issues with our students feeling safe while they are at school.

  • The local SWAT Team has conducted training in each of our new buildings to ensure they are familiar with each facility and its layout / floor plan.

  • The Chillicothe Police Department regularly conducts walk throughs of our middle school and high school with the K-9 Units to deter any types of contraband being brought into the building. 

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