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Welcome to Worthington Elementary where everyone is a leader!


The office hours for Worthington Elementary are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There is voice mail service for the office if you need to reach the school anytime other than the regular office hours or if your call is not answered promptly during office hours.  Please leave your name and telephone number where you can be reached and I will return your call as soon as possible.

If your student is going to be absent at any time, it is necessary for you to call the office and report the child’s absence. The telephone number for Worthington is 740-774-3307. We are now using an automated calling system that contacts parents/guardians when your child is absent. If you have already contacted the school about the absence, disregard the message. Also, please send a note with your student when they return to school stating the date and reason for the absence. Any absence that has not been called into the office and is with out a note from home or the doctor/dentist will be counted as an un-excused absence.

As winter approaches, please listen to the radio, (WKKJ or WBEX) or tune in to your favorite T.V. station for school delays, closings and cancellations.Please do not call the school office for closing or delay information as we are unable to take the high volume of these calls. Information on school closings can also be found on the Gazette Web Site.

Please feel free to call or stop by my office anytime!  My email address is Have a great day!!


Mrs. Ragland, Secretary

Worthington Elementary School

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