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Mrs. Nancy Thornsberry

Chillicothe City Schools Literacy Coach

Phone:  (740) 773-2241  Ext. 1172


Students’ literacy achievement tends to lessen as they progress from elementary to middle level to high school as measured by state and national assessments. To ensure that students retain their literacy skills, our district has provided literacy coaches to classroom teachers.  As a part time literacy coach, I work to provide professional development, modeling, coaching, resource identification, technology support, strategy implementation and other services to improve students’ reading and writing across the content areas in grades K-12. 

I work alongside teachers in their classrooms and in professional development sessions to support the implementation and monitoring of research-based literacy
strategies that classroom teachers can infuse into their instruction to develop students’ vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension across the content areas.

The focus of my work and the  professional development sessions which I facilitate is the study of Dr. Robert Marzano’s High Yield Strategies, based on his book Classroom Instruction that Works.  These are scientifically based research strategies that are a result of a meta-analysis study through Marzano’s MCREL Institute in Colorado.  The strategies have been proven to significantly increase student achievement in all grade levels, all subjects and with all types of learners.  

The strategies include:

  • Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback
  • Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Nonlinguistic Representations
  • Cues, Questions & Advance Organizers
  • Identifying Similarities & Differences
  • Summarizing and Note Taking
  • Generating and Testing Hypotheses
  • Homework and Practice


Research shows the explicit and systematic implementation of these strategies greatly improves student achievement.  Therefore, the goal is to implement the strategies into teachers’ daily instruction in efforts to increase student achievement across our district.

Over a three year period, all Chillicothe City Schools teachers will have been trained on the implementation of these strategies through high quality professional development and classroom support. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding this most important work for our district. 


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