Guidance: Freshmen

Last Updated: 8/9/2018 4:54 PM

Graduation may seem a world away now, but just wait! The next 4 years will fly by in no time at all. Start your high school career off on the right foot by studying hard and getting it done!


Don't let your work pile up. Completing your assignments on time will ensure that you don't lose points and you still have time for fun!


Get involved. Whether you identify yourself as an athlete, a musician, an artist, or anything else, find something to get involved in at school and in the community. 


Think about what courses you are taking. Are they challenging you? Are the classes in areas that you are interested in studying later? 


Investigate before you graduate! Start your career and/or college search early! What careers interest you? What qualifications do you need for that career? What education is required? Start planning today for what you will do tomorrow!